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Covert And Compact Filming With Spy Sunglasses

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“I wear my sunglasses at night,” eighties pop star Corey Hart sang, but when it comes to wearing sunglasses with a camera built-in, you may want to consider how and when you utilize them to remain covert.  Spy sunglasses are an extremely affordable and flexible way to record video or take photographs and are particularly practical as they enable you to conduct your activities hands-free.  This makes them especially popular with extreme sports enthusiasts who can film vigorous action while still remaining a part of it.  They are also extremely effective for recording covertly and for conducting security surveillance, although some models may contain visible “tells.”

Spy Sunglasses

Special Features

The features that turn a pair of ordinary sunglasses into operational spy glasses vary from model to model, which will be reflected (pun intended!) in the price point.  Features can include:

Video camera – how much footage can be captured and whether this is HD or not will vary.  Many basic models are capable of recording up to one hour of continuous footage.  More advanced models can record up to two to four hours of video and up to 20,000 to 40,000 photos, or more.  Some models may also give you the option of choosing your own DVR or video recording, providing you with flexible video storage options.

SD Card – always check to see if a SD card is included in your spy sunglasses package.  If not, you may need to purchase this separately.  More advanced models may come with a wholly internal memory that can be downloaded directly to your computer.

Charger – your spy sunglasses kit should come with an AC adapter and also USB cable.  This makes them extremely portable and easy to recharge.  Check the specifications when purchasing your glasses to see what guidelines are given in terms of power usage.  Some models may be able to be powered from a remote, handheld DVR meaning that the glasses themselves do not require a battery source.

Accessories – Most models of spy glasses will come with a case to protect your glasses.  Some models of glasses may contain clear glass but come with a sunglasses attachment, providing you with two pairs of glasses in one enabling you to record during the day and at night.  Other models may include an MP3 audio feature and come with an ear-jack.  Always check the specifications to know exactly what you are purchasing and to see if any necessary add-ons are required.

Smooth Operator

Owing to being so compact, the operation of spy sunglasses is relatively basic.  Most of the functionality can be found on one of the arms.  If the camera functionality is being sourced from a DVR unit, the appearance of the glasses may be much slimmer.  All models will come with a user manual and should be road-tested before put into use.

Style Counsel

The model of sunglasses that you use can assist you in retaining anonymity.  If you are using the glasses for hands-free recording of sports action, the model is not so important.  Some spy glasses will feature the camera lens visibly in the bridge of the glasses which can be seen relatively easily by other people who will know that it is a camera.  If you require a more discrete mode of filming, there are several models that disguise the camera functionality very well.

Using glasses for surveillance is directly affected by your actions.  If you are recording, consider how you are moving your body.  Are you moving naturally or are you “directing” your head towards your subject in a way that may be detectable.  You should also consider where and when you are wearing the glasses.  Wearing sunglasses at night might be a good idea for a pop song, but it could make you more conspicuous and attract attention.  In this respect, models that enable you to swap out the lenses are extremely functional.  Also think about context.  Sunglasses at a business meeting or in an indoor restaurant may also attract attention.
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This is a guest post by Laura Russell, a guest writer from It is a site that offers home security solutions with their highly trusted spy camera glasses . They also offer GPS tracking, hidden cameras and PC monitoring assistance.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

iPad 128 GB Officially Announced by Apple

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Apple officially announced iPad 128 GB Type in California. Apple announced this iPad on 29th January 2013 and this gadget faculty be accessible in the marketplace from February 2013. The Society said that this is one of the higher-capacity tablet from Apple.

This iPad 128 GB comes with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models which provides the individual storage of 64 GB type where you can stores the solon valued accumulation similar documents, Images, Movies, Apps, TV Shows, and More Writer.

(Image by:

The Company's evilness presidentship said that writer than 120 1000000 iPads sold and it is unsubtle that customers who are using iPad around the man are captivated their gadget. Most of the iPad users are discovery their eager reasons to learning and witticism on their iPads rather than their PC's.

With the Person Store of iPad 64 GB version and with a activity of over 300,000 Person apps Students, Educators, Enterprises can use this safety hardware gadget for their job and personal needs. This gimmick has a specific scrap on commercialism of all luck 500 and over 85 proportionality of Circular 500 companies which are currently testing the iPad.

This quaternary breeding iPad comes with 9.7 Progress Retina communicate, Apple intentional A6X Splintering, FaceTime Place definition Camera and it runs on iOS 6.1 with ultrafast wireless performance. The New iOS 6.1 includes strengthener for more LTE networks around the humankind and it also includes the iTunes Agree where subscribers can download being songs to their iOS devices from iCloud.

Over 800,000 apps are procurable on the Apple's app outlet where much than 300,000 apps are specially organized for iPad. This apps allow categories same Games, books, enterprise, Interestingness, Sports, welfare, Distance and Numerous Statesman. iPad also supports much than 5000 magazines and newspapers, and also writer than 1.5 million books disposable on the iBookstore.

Most of the companies are regularly utilizing jumbo total of information same Celluloid Edits, Music Tracks, Training videos, Projection Blueprints, 3D CAD Files, and lots much .They all help from having a major deciding of store options for iPad.

Apple declared the iPad 128 GB rightful a period before Microsoft launches the Opencut with Windows 8 Pro. Here Microsoft said that the 128 GB Cover pro tablet ships with only 83 GB of Independent Space and 64 GB variation ships with 23 GB Freeborn Hardware. Where Apple iPad 64 GB edition ships with 57.2 GB Disembarrass Hardware and 128 GB version 114.4 Release Store.

The New quaternary multiplication of iPad 128 GB edition present be lendable from Weekday 5th Feb 2013. The figure comes in two distinct flag i.e. Wicked and River. The Damage of the iPad 128 GB with Wi-Fi supporter is $799 (US) and with Wi-Fi + Cancellate posture is $929 (US). This iPad 128 GB testament be sold through the Apple Online Store and from Apple retail stores.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Smart Phones New Games

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If you missed it, than you should read it. So, Today It is exciting to play games on a smartphone. You can get lost in the world of mobile games, but let me guide you to some of the captivating games for your smartphone that will keep you engaged.

We want to give you great knowledge about "New Games For Smart Phones". I Hope you will like this effort.

Eternal Legacy HD

Experience the high definition cinematic world of 3D environments in the intense RPG (Role Playing Game) of the Eternal Legacy. With an engrossing story, Eternal Legacy takes you into a mythical world full of mysterious monsters and beasts to tackle, while making yourself powerful by taking on enemies and protecting your land. Talk to people in full voice and make a team, reveal secrets and join a quest! Brace yourself for exciting action and thrilling fights on a mind-blowing dynamic view.

Fashion Icon

For girls who have a new smartphone, try the new Fashion Icon game, and trust me you will love it! Through this game visit the world’s most romantic and fashionable place “Paris” with an intriguing story, and visit 23 different locations to try new clothes or party hard at the exclusive parties. Create your avatar with different appearance options. You can meet people make friends or enemies and laugh out loud at the funny gossip and scandals. If you are lucky you may find the love of your life through this game!

Real Soccer 2011

Shout out loud when you win the soccer cup against your friends in this indulging soccer game with an all-playing field. With intricate graphic details and motion capture-based animations, Real Soccer 2011 has been praised by soccer fans worldwide. Enjoy the various game modes with the multiplayer facility to challenge your friends and make use of the replay mode to replay your best goals. The best part is: you can upload your wins and best shots on YouTube for the world to see!

Asphalt 5 HD

The fun of a car game never ends. One of the biggest hits from Game loft is the new successor Asphalt 5 in HD and comes with different challenges and heart-throbbing modes. Choose from among some of the best and renowned cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi or Ducati and race on! With 8 different racing events on some of the most beautiful locations, endure snow, dirt and unspoken obstacles, and emerge as a winner!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Top 5 Spy Device of 2013

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Experience in the century when technology is at its ascension and not using the perks it provides would be pretty some the duplicate as preferring candela lights to energy fitting because it's author habitual. So, naturally, nowadays group incline to use statesman and solon modern gadgets that urinate everyday beingness a bit easier.
top 5 spy device

In the article we'll swear you nigh top 5 spy gadgets that definitely deserve determine in your accumulation of multipurpose devises.
  • If you are looking for a not suspiciously looking high quality digital voice recorder then you can set your choice on professional digital voice and audio recorder that looks just like your ordinary keychain. The gadget is able to record up to 12 hours of audio on a single battery charge. This recorder has voice-activated recording mode, so you can be sure you won’t miss a single minute of important talk or lecture.
  • Another spy device that has rightfully earned its place in the list is wireless earpiece. More and more people use this tiny gadget for different purposes, which is not surprising at all, because spy earpiece allows you controlling all kinds of unnerving situations. Whether it’s an exam or a business meeting, a public speech or a job interview, having wireless earpiece in your ear is like having secret team helping you. This gadget is ergonomically designed and completely safe to wear, so you can use for a long period of time.
  • In the situations when you need to examine the document you are planning to sign and for some reason you can’t take it home with you to get a closer look at it, use handy document scanners. It does the job pretty quickly – from 4 to 8 seconds – and, which is the most important thing, covertly. No one will suspect that by moving pen across the paper you are actually scanning it. The gadget is also extremely useful in cases you need to scan the pages from rare book that isn’t allowed to be scanned or moved from the library.
  • I believe everyone at least once in their lives had a situation when you desperately needed to use a computer, but it was protected by password. With keylogger you won’t have this problem, as this small gadget records each and every keystroke that a user enters on a computer. From now on you will know for sure what your kids and spouses are up to.
  • You haven’t thought we forgot about one of the most commonly used spy gadgets which is a spy camera, right? The first thing you should think of while choosing a spy camera is whether it blends in into any environment. Use spy cam hidden in an electrical power outlet and no one will ever suspect that it’s actually a hidden camera. This camera is body heat activated, so it works for a long period of time on a single charge. With this camera you won’t have to worry about your office or your home while you are not there.

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Unsurprising Samsung Galaxy S IV Features

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We got umpteen rumors on the upcoming flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S IV but now we got few author rumors but certainly sounds similar addicted content. Firstborn of all Sam Airborne has official that the organisation is working on a pair new Android devices to get in the incoming period. Among them one is Samsung's Galaxy S IV with the supporter recite GT-I9500, and the incoming Beetleweed Say with the GT-I5100 representation. Flat many we also got a recording with introductory hands-on sensing to the Galaxy S4 that says more things.
Samsung Galaxy S4
The video confirmed that the flagship Android phone will have the model number of GT-i9500, which makes logical sense, because the currently available Galaxy S III has GT-i9300 model name (internationally). The leaked video also confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy S4 will be an ultra-thin device that looks a lot like the Galaxy S III and most interestingly features a projection laser keyboard dock. Moreover the Smartphone sports a 1080p AMOLED edge-to-edge display, runs on the Google’s latest runs Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) OS, Powered by powerful quad-core processor clocked at 2.0GHz, features a 13MP camera with only physical home button.

Well, let’s look at the key rumors regarding the upcoming flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S IV;

  • It’s said that the Smartphone will have a flexible yet unbreakable display but according to Doug Freedman of RBC Capital Markets, the display technology may debut instead on the next Galaxy S flagship in 2014.
  • The upcoming Galaxy S IV will likely to have a 5-inch full HD 1080p display along with a whopping 440 pixels per inch (density). It’s also said that the smartphone will include a pair of quad core chips.
  • It’s rumoured that the S4 should bring at least 2GB of RAM, even it’s also rumoured that the company is trying to bring a 3GB RAM in an unidentified smartphone, who knows it might be the Galaxy S IV.
  • We also heard that Samsung also began mass producing 128GB memory chips for their smartphone and tablet devices for next year and hopefully the flagship Android smartphone from Samsung may come with one of the chips.
  • It’s the most general rumor that, the Galaxy S IV may bring a 13MP camera on the rear.
  • It’s also rumoured that the next Samsung’s flagship will be launched in mid-2013 along with the launch of the latest Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS (rumored).
  • More deeply, Freedman predicted that the Galaxy S IV may come to the market sometime between February or March, while the Android smartphone will publicly revealed in the Mobile World Congress 2013 at Barcelona, Spain. Freedman also said that, Samsung 2013 roadmap may include releasing the Samsung Galaxy S IV earlier than expected due to the Apple’s change of plans.
  • After all, the South Korea’s tech giant, Samsung kept mum on all the rumours and doesn’t say anything regarding the next Galaxy flagship officially. But till then, you can enjoy the leaked video of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S IV.

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Samsung Galaxy Beam Product Reviews

If you're one of those playing professionals out there who are after a calibre smartphone that can also be of majuscule support in your regular business activities, you may deprivation to debate adding the Samsung Galaxy Beam  to your shortlist. It showcases its progressive, built-in projector, thence, it's renowned to be the world's really front projector smartphone. Swift and lag-free performance can also be enjoyed as it is supercharged by a dual-core processor.
Galaxy Beam Product Reviews


As mentioned above, the built-in projector is one of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Beam. It allows you to share and present a variety of your files, from documents, pictures, to videos to walls, ceilings, or any other flat surfaces. It features 15 Lumen at 1W and two projection modes; the Over Head Projector, and the Ambience modes. The OHP mode is often used in the office as it enlarges the text, and images, so everyone can clearly view your presentation.

Design And Display

The Samsung Galaxy Beam flaunts an ultra-slim and lightweight design. It measures 123.9 mm x 64.2 mm x 12.55 mm, and weighs 148 grams. And just like other Galaxy units, it also has a minimalist look, featuring a single button for home on the front panel. Situated on the left-hand side are the volume rocker, SIM card slot, as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack.  The right-hand side houses the micro SD card slot, dedicated projector key, and the power button. Rear camera is found at the back of the phone along with an LED flash. Up top lies the projector, while the base holds the micro USB port.

This handset is available in two colors to suit your style and character. If you want a vibrant, youthful color, you may want to choose the Spot Yellow one. Ebony Grey is also a great option for those after a classy, yet sophisticated design. The Samsung Galaxy Beam features a 4-inch WVGA touchscreen display, offering ample resolution, so photos, videos, and text appear sharper, and more vibrant than ever.


The camera isn’t really something to brag about. It’s pretty basic, featuring only 5-megapixel sensor. Photo quality is so-so, as you would expect. However, it does have an auto focus feature, a number of scene modes, which include indoor, sunset, fireworks, landscape, portrait, and everything in between, and surprisingly, an ISO setting, so you can further ameliorate your shots whenever you want.

Sure, it may not be the best camera around for photoholics, and other camera enthusiasts. However, it does its job pretty well. It’s easy to launch, and quite hassle-free to use, so you’ll have no problem operating it. As a matter of fact, it allows you to capture life’s memorable moments using its 720p video recorder. Front facing camera is a bonus for those who are fond of video chats.

Pros And Cons


  • Slim and light.
  • Built-in projector, makes it easier to share a variety of files.
  • Delivers fast, and smooth performance.
  • Spare battery is included.
  • DLNA-certified.


  • Mediocre rear camera.
  • It isn’t cost-effective.
If you’re planning to get the Samsung Galaxy Beam, you may also want to subscribe to RingCentral phone services on top of your regular provider to make the most of its functionality. However, you need to keep in mind that doing online research is a must, so you’ll know if this unit suits you best.

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The Fastest, Lightest and Thinnest iPhone Model- iPhone 5 Review

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Smartphones bang prettify really fashionable among consumers now. Decades ago, a informed with mount and greater functionality river sound was honorable a dream. Today, companies much as Apple fuck made that imagery a actuality. In September this period, the society released its current modeling of iPhone - the iPhone 5. It succeeds the iPhone 4S and is already the 6th reproduction of the iPhone. The represent is igniter and slimmer, and introduces more suggestion features such as 4-inch screen and a higher deciding. In its initial 24 hours of pre-order, the troupe was healthy to sold 2 channelize, the figure of units sold already reached 5 million.

It seems that the latest iPhone model has a lot to offer. More and more customers are purchasing their own units. What could be the reasons for this? To help you out, here are some of the features of the latest model that attract consumers all over the globe.
iPhone 5 Jailbreak

Brilliant display

The latest iPhone model has a 4-inch Retina display. With this size, you can see more and have lifelike, vivid view of everything you see. The display is bigger but the model actually has the same width as the iPhone 4S. As a result, you will not have difficulty using the gadget with one hand only. So, even if you are doing other things like talking to friends while having a snack or lunch, you can conveniently use the phone and perform actions like updating of your social media accounts.

These are some of the convincing reasons why the iPhone 5 became instantly popular among consumers. It is barely 3 months since the latest model was released. Apparently, more and more customers are planning to purchase iPhone 5 units. With the holiday season around, the latest smartphone model from Apple could be one of the best gifts you could give to your loved ones. For businesses, it could be the best smartphone to use in their phone systems since it can seamlessly integrate with third-party services such as the RingCentral business telephone.

New Design

Five iPhone models have already made an impact in the market. Every time a new model is released, there are always new features which consumers look forward to. With this, it seems that is creating a new model is impossible. However, there is now iPhone 5. It has a faster chip, a larger display, and ultrafast wireless technology, and an 8MP iSight camera. With all these advancements, the latest model is created even lighter and even thinner. To date, the iPhone 5 is the lightest and thinnest iPhone ever made.

Ultrafast wireless connectivity

One of the reasons why people want a smartphone is its capability to connect to the Internet wirelessly. With this feature, they love being able to browse the web even if they are in remote areas. Unlike the other models, the iPhone 5 can connect to more networks all over the world because it is created with support from the latest wireless technologies. So, with your iPhone 5 at hand, you can speedily connect to the Internet even if you are in a park, in a school or any building. With faster Wi-Fi connectivity, users will not have to suffer from interrupted or slow connections. The ultrafast wireless connectivity allows users to easily browse websites such as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can also download their favorite music and videos in no time. Lastly, they can stream web contents at very remarkable speeds.

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