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Samsung Galaxy Beam Product Reviews

If you're one of those playing professionals out there who are after a calibre smartphone that can also be of majuscule support in your regular business activities, you may deprivation to debate adding the Samsung Galaxy Beam  to your shortlist. It showcases its progressive, built-in projector, thence, it's renowned to be the world's really front projector smartphone. Swift and lag-free performance can also be enjoyed as it is supercharged by a dual-core processor.
Galaxy Beam Product Reviews


As mentioned above, the built-in projector is one of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Beam. It allows you to share and present a variety of your files, from documents, pictures, to videos to walls, ceilings, or any other flat surfaces. It features 15 Lumen at 1W and two projection modes; the Over Head Projector, and the Ambience modes. The OHP mode is often used in the office as it enlarges the text, and images, so everyone can clearly view your presentation.

Design And Display

The Samsung Galaxy Beam flaunts an ultra-slim and lightweight design. It measures 123.9 mm x 64.2 mm x 12.55 mm, and weighs 148 grams. And just like other Galaxy units, it also has a minimalist look, featuring a single button for home on the front panel. Situated on the left-hand side are the volume rocker, SIM card slot, as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack.  The right-hand side houses the micro SD card slot, dedicated projector key, and the power button. Rear camera is found at the back of the phone along with an LED flash. Up top lies the projector, while the base holds the micro USB port.

This handset is available in two colors to suit your style and character. If you want a vibrant, youthful color, you may want to choose the Spot Yellow one. Ebony Grey is also a great option for those after a classy, yet sophisticated design. The Samsung Galaxy Beam features a 4-inch WVGA touchscreen display, offering ample resolution, so photos, videos, and text appear sharper, and more vibrant than ever.


The camera isn’t really something to brag about. It’s pretty basic, featuring only 5-megapixel sensor. Photo quality is so-so, as you would expect. However, it does have an auto focus feature, a number of scene modes, which include indoor, sunset, fireworks, landscape, portrait, and everything in between, and surprisingly, an ISO setting, so you can further ameliorate your shots whenever you want.

Sure, it may not be the best camera around for photoholics, and other camera enthusiasts. However, it does its job pretty well. It’s easy to launch, and quite hassle-free to use, so you’ll have no problem operating it. As a matter of fact, it allows you to capture life’s memorable moments using its 720p video recorder. Front facing camera is a bonus for those who are fond of video chats.

Pros And Cons


  • Slim and light.
  • Built-in projector, makes it easier to share a variety of files.
  • Delivers fast, and smooth performance.
  • Spare battery is included.
  • DLNA-certified.


  • Mediocre rear camera.
  • It isn’t cost-effective.
If you’re planning to get the Samsung Galaxy Beam, you may also want to subscribe to RingCentral phone services on top of your regular provider to make the most of its functionality. However, you need to keep in mind that doing online research is a must, so you’ll know if this unit suits you best.

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