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Covert And Compact Filming With Spy Sunglasses

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“I wear my sunglasses at night,” eighties pop star Corey Hart sang, but when it comes to wearing sunglasses with a camera built-in, you may want to consider how and when you utilize them to remain covert.  Spy sunglasses are an extremely affordable and flexible way to record video or take photographs and are particularly practical as they enable you to conduct your activities hands-free.  This makes them especially popular with extreme sports enthusiasts who can film vigorous action while still remaining a part of it.  They are also extremely effective for recording covertly and for conducting security surveillance, although some models may contain visible “tells.”

Spy Sunglasses

Special Features

The features that turn a pair of ordinary sunglasses into operational spy glasses vary from model to model, which will be reflected (pun intended!) in the price point.  Features can include:

Video camera – how much footage can be captured and whether this is HD or not will vary.  Many basic models are capable of recording up to one hour of continuous footage.  More advanced models can record up to two to four hours of video and up to 20,000 to 40,000 photos, or more.  Some models may also give you the option of choosing your own DVR or video recording, providing you with flexible video storage options.

SD Card – always check to see if a SD card is included in your spy sunglasses package.  If not, you may need to purchase this separately.  More advanced models may come with a wholly internal memory that can be downloaded directly to your computer.

Charger – your spy sunglasses kit should come with an AC adapter and also USB cable.  This makes them extremely portable and easy to recharge.  Check the specifications when purchasing your glasses to see what guidelines are given in terms of power usage.  Some models may be able to be powered from a remote, handheld DVR meaning that the glasses themselves do not require a battery source.

Accessories – Most models of spy glasses will come with a case to protect your glasses.  Some models of glasses may contain clear glass but come with a sunglasses attachment, providing you with two pairs of glasses in one enabling you to record during the day and at night.  Other models may include an MP3 audio feature and come with an ear-jack.  Always check the specifications to know exactly what you are purchasing and to see if any necessary add-ons are required.

Smooth Operator

Owing to being so compact, the operation of spy sunglasses is relatively basic.  Most of the functionality can be found on one of the arms.  If the camera functionality is being sourced from a DVR unit, the appearance of the glasses may be much slimmer.  All models will come with a user manual and should be road-tested before put into use.

Style Counsel

The model of sunglasses that you use can assist you in retaining anonymity.  If you are using the glasses for hands-free recording of sports action, the model is not so important.  Some spy glasses will feature the camera lens visibly in the bridge of the glasses which can be seen relatively easily by other people who will know that it is a camera.  If you require a more discrete mode of filming, there are several models that disguise the camera functionality very well.

Using glasses for surveillance is directly affected by your actions.  If you are recording, consider how you are moving your body.  Are you moving naturally or are you “directing” your head towards your subject in a way that may be detectable.  You should also consider where and when you are wearing the glasses.  Wearing sunglasses at night might be a good idea for a pop song, but it could make you more conspicuous and attract attention.  In this respect, models that enable you to swap out the lenses are extremely functional.  Also think about context.  Sunglasses at a business meeting or in an indoor restaurant may also attract attention.
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