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Smart Phones New Games

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If you missed it, than you should read it. So, Today It is exciting to play games on a smartphone. You can get lost in the world of mobile games, but let me guide you to some of the captivating games for your smartphone that will keep you engaged.

We want to give you great knowledge about "New Games For Smart Phones". I Hope you will like this effort.

Eternal Legacy HD

Experience the high definition cinematic world of 3D environments in the intense RPG (Role Playing Game) of the Eternal Legacy. With an engrossing story, Eternal Legacy takes you into a mythical world full of mysterious monsters and beasts to tackle, while making yourself powerful by taking on enemies and protecting your land. Talk to people in full voice and make a team, reveal secrets and join a quest! Brace yourself for exciting action and thrilling fights on a mind-blowing dynamic view.

Fashion Icon

For girls who have a new smartphone, try the new Fashion Icon game, and trust me you will love it! Through this game visit the world’s most romantic and fashionable place “Paris” with an intriguing story, and visit 23 different locations to try new clothes or party hard at the exclusive parties. Create your avatar with different appearance options. You can meet people make friends or enemies and laugh out loud at the funny gossip and scandals. If you are lucky you may find the love of your life through this game!

Real Soccer 2011

Shout out loud when you win the soccer cup against your friends in this indulging soccer game with an all-playing field. With intricate graphic details and motion capture-based animations, Real Soccer 2011 has been praised by soccer fans worldwide. Enjoy the various game modes with the multiplayer facility to challenge your friends and make use of the replay mode to replay your best goals. The best part is: you can upload your wins and best shots on YouTube for the world to see!

Asphalt 5 HD

The fun of a car game never ends. One of the biggest hits from Game loft is the new successor Asphalt 5 in HD and comes with different challenges and heart-throbbing modes. Choose from among some of the best and renowned cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi or Ducati and race on! With 8 different racing events on some of the most beautiful locations, endure snow, dirt and unspoken obstacles, and emerge as a winner!

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